Family Home Evening Lessons for Savior of the World

Joseph , Jose
Mary , Maria
Zacharias and Elisabeth , Zacarias y Elisabeth
The Birth of Christ , El Nacimiento de Cristo
As Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night , Cuando los Pastores Observaban sus Rebaños por la Noche
The Tomb Was Empty , ¡La tumba estaba vacía!
Has He Risen , ¿Ha resucitado?
On the Road to Emmaus , En El Camino a Emaus
Gone Fishing , ¡Vamos a Pescar!
Thomas , Tomas
Everything Testifies of Christ , Todas Cosas Testifican De Mi

Family Home Evening (FHE) is a time to strengthen family ties. We do this by learning the gospel together, by listening to each other’s feelings, thoughts and ideas, and by enjoying activities together. It is usually held on Monday evenings.

I am so excited to introduce you to our FHE lessons designed to go with the production of The Savior Of The World. These lessons have been written in chronological order as pertaining to the play. Each lesson comes with historical and cultural background. There will be writings from Jesus the Christ by James Talmage, parts of conference talks, and excerpts from institute manuals. We ask that you read the material and then prayerfully select those parts you wish to use for your family.

If you were to start with the FHE lessons January 1st, which we hope you will, you will have three extra weeks before the production. We could have written another three lessons for you, instead though, we would like you to have your children chose their favorite lesson and once again teach the family. However this time teach it from his or her’s perspective. It often times catches me off guard at the depth of their understanding. Another suggestion is to invite a neighbor over for FHE and as a family teach your favorite lesson and invite them to the production.

I bear testimony, that through the next 14 weeks as you go through these lessons then review them, you will be ready to be spiritually fed and lifted. Your experience of preparing to attend and attending The SOTW production could be so dynamic that you will be telling your family and friends about it for years to come. It can become a source of spiritual strength that can help you overcome difficulties that may arise in your life or in the life of your family.

— Sister Metge (Richmond 2nd Ward)

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