The Richmond Texas Stake

The Richmond Texas Stake has 7 Wards and 1 Branch representing a large geographical area around Richmond, Texas. All who live within the boundaries are invited to participate in the Savior of the World Production whether members of the church or not. Find a Meetinghouse Near You!


Most areas of the Church are divided into geographical regions called stakes, which usually consist of five to twelve congregations called wards or branches. The term stake was used by the prophet Isaiah. He described the latter-day Church as a tent that would be secured by stakes (see Isaiah 33:20; 54:2).

A stake is led by a stake president and two counselors. The stake president is the presiding high priest in a stake. These leaders oversee the spiritual and temporal welfare of Church members.


As in the ancient Church, members of the Church today are organized into congregations. Large congregations (approximately 300 or more members) are called wards. Smaller congregations are called branches. A ward is led by a bishop and two counselors, who constitute a bishopric. Branches are led by a branch president and two counselors. Both wards and branches are geographical areas so wherever you live you are part of a ward or branch and in turn a stake.

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